• Marca Ericsson
  • Modelo AMD 22101
  • Materiais Metal
  • Lugar de colocação De parede
  • Comprimento 16 cm
  • Largura 24 cm
  • Altura 35.5 cm


ERICSSON REVIEW 1955 (Raridade - Colecionador - Perfeitas condições)

10-Line Relay Switchboard with Built-in
Battery Eliminator

The increasing demand for minimum maintenance operation of private branch exchanges has led to extensive use of relays or similar units as switching devices. To meet tliis demand. L M Ericsson has replaced their
OL 15 with a new private automatic exchange, AMD 22101. which is a newlydesigned switchboard using only relays' as switching devices.
This new P.A.X., fig. 1, has a capacity of 10 lines with one link circuit (the same capacity as the OL 15) which, in most cases, is adequate for small offices, factories, or house telephone systems. The calls are secret.
Its small size, light weight, and silent operation permit its installation in practically any location, for instance, in an office or a corridor.

General Constructional Features

AMD 22101 employs only relays with spark-protected twin contacts. All switchboard units, as well as the power unit described below, are mounted in a frame which is hinged to a back plate. This plate carries the terminal block for extension lines, and terminals for rearrangement of the circuits. In front of the frame is a hinged door. Rubber packings on the door and back plate create a secure seal, fully enclosing the switchboard and protecting it against dust. The frame, door and back plate are cast aluminium with a grey hammer-tone finish. The switchboard measures 250 • 360 • 165 mm. and weighs only 15 kg.

The switchboard contains a plug-in power unit for 50-cycle A.C. which is factory wired for 220 V, but can be adjusted for 110, 127 or 150 V.
Fluctuations in mains voltage of ± 14 '', and in frequency of ± 20% are permissible. The power unit supplies an operating voltage of about 24 V, a ringing voltage of about 85 V for transmission of ringing signals, and a dial tone with a frequency of about 100 c/s. The mains connection cord has 3 conductors, one of which grounds the metallic components of the switchboard.

The switchboard has very low power requirements. When no conversation is in progress, power consumption is only 5 W. Moreover, the high reliability of the switchboard makes it extremely economical to operate.
Ordinary dial telephones are connected to the switchboard by two-wire lines.
Extension bells may be connected to the telephones. The extension numbers are 1—9 and 0. Resistance of the extension line should be 500 ohms maximum. Using ordinary telephone wire, this corresponds to a distance
between switchboard and telephone of 2 to 3 km, which should be ample for most normal systems.

Operation. Normal Calls
The lines are connected to line relays arranged in a chain circuit in which only one relay at a time can operate. This relay chain at the same time corresponds to the line finder of larger exchanges. When the extension user lifts his handset, his line relay operates and connects the line to an impulse and battery supply relay, which transmits dial tone to the extension. When the number is dialled, it is recorded by the impulse relay of a second relay chain which corresponds to the final selector of a larger exchange. At the end of dialling a ringing signal is immediately sent to the called extension. On the cessation of ringing signals the called line is also connected to the impulse and battery supply relay.

Only one ringing signal is transmitted, which is adequate in a normal office, thus avoiding annoyance to adjacent persons. If one ringing signal is insufficient, the caller can either replace his handset and dial the number again or he can dial digit 1 (i.e. one impulse) and the wanted number alternatingly.

Priority can be given to extension no. 1 by insertion of a strap in the terminal block on the back plate. This means that if a conversation is in progress and extension no. 1 lifts his handset, he is directly connected to the call in progress. At the same time a faint buzzer tone is heard which indicates that a priority extension is on the line.

General Calls
Extension no. 1 can make calls to several extensions simultaneously.
Extensions which are to be called by this general call arrangement must have special strap connections on their terminals on the back plate. A general call is initiated by extension no. 1 dialling his own number.

Non-Secret Calls
The switchboard is delivered wired for secret calls. In the case of a switchboard with only one link circuit, it sometimes may be desirable that extensions can enter a call in progress, and this can be achieved by a simple rearrangement of the strapping on the terminal block. It can be provided that all calls can be overheard or that calls between certain extensions are secret and between other extensions non-secret.

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