Regulador De Tensão Ti Linear Lm317hvt (to220) Pacote 10

69 reais con 90 centavos

em 12x 6 reais con 67 centavos

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    Características principais

    MarcaTexas Instruments


    • Tipo de regulador: TO220

    • Voltagem mínima de entrada - Voltagem máxima de entrada: 1.5V - 60V

    • Voltagem mínima de saída - Voltagem máxima de saída: 1.2V - 57V

    • Corrente máxima de saída: 1.5 A

    • Com voltagem de saída ajustável: Sim




    1 Features 3 Description
    1 The LMx17HV is an adjustable 3-terminal positive • Up to 60 V Input to Output Differential
    voltage regulator capable of supplying 1.5 A or more
    • 1.5-A Output Current currents over a 1.25-V to 57-V output voltage range.
    • Line Regulation 0.01%/V (Typical) It requires only two external resistors to set the output
    • Load Regulation 0.1% (Typical) voltage. The LMx17HV is packaged in standard
    transistor packages that are easily mounted and
    • 80-dB Ripple Rejection (Typical) handled.
    • Internal Short-Circuit Current Limiting Protection
    The LMx17HV offers overload protection like current
    • Thermal Overload Protection limit, thermal overload protection and safe area
    • –55 to 150°C Operating Temperature Range protection, which make the device blowout proof. The
    (LM117HV) overload protection circuitry remains fully functional
    • 0 even if the adjustment terminal is disconnected. to 125°C Operating Temperature Range
    (LM317HV) Typically, no capacitors are needed unless the device
    is situated more than 6 inches from the input filter
    2 Applications capacitors, in which case an input bypass is needed.
    An optional output capacitor can be added to improve • Industrial Power Supplies transient response. The adjustment terminal can be
    • PLC Systems bypassed to achieve very high ripple rejection ratios
    • Factory Automation Systems which are difficult to achieve with standard 3-terminal
    regulators. • Building Automation Systems
    • Battery Charger Since the regulator is floating and sees only the inputto-output differential voltage, supplies of several
    1.2-V to 50-V Adjustable Regulator With High hundred volts can be regulated as long as the
    Voltage Input maximum input to output differential is not exceeded,
    or in other words, do not short the output to ground.
    By connecting a fixed resistor between the
    adjustment and output, the LMx17HV can also be
    used as a precision current regulator. Supplies with
    electronic shutdown can be achieved by clamping the
    adjustment terminal to ground, which programs the
    output to 1.25 V where most loads draw little current.

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