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LED Luz Solar Sensor Luz lâmpada para Escada Quintal Caminho Casa Parede Cerca

The solar light is widely used for illumination in villa, garden stairs, wall etc., with the auxiliary lighting in aisles.
Just install it to the sunshine place in the day, no need wiring and then turn on the switch and usually bathe in the sun for 6 hours so that it could be glowing for about 6 hours.
It could be charged automatically after sunshine at daytime and start working automatically when its dark or the light is dim because of bad weather.
Fashionable Style, Battery in-built
Just touch the switch and enjoy the RGB light splash
With the way of touch plug, adjusting the light is so simple.
Friendly Environmental and energy-saving
RGB lamp, No flashing and eyes are protected for tender care.

Material: PC+ABS white plastic
Color: white and black
Light colors: white, yellow
Switch: toggle switch, automatically sensor
Solar panel: Germany imported polycrystalline silicon solar panels 2V0.55W
Size: 12*8.5*5.5CM
Battery: AA, 1000mAh NI-MH
Color of the LED: 2 led, white 2800k
Accessories: screws
For the first time, pls. make the switch on and light face towards the sun for more than 6 hours so that it could be fully charged and then the light control start automatically at night.

Package includes:
1x solar light
some screws for installation

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Led Luz Solar Sensor Luz Lâmpada Para Escada Quintal Caminh

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