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1 a 2 Cabo Adaptador extensor de Splitter Conector Rede Ethernet LAN RJ45

Using gold-plated core to ensure transmission of signals.:
2 network cable can be connectted into the splitter.:
PCB board is embedded to conducting circuit, to avoid damage to the conductor.:
It Can shield the interference from external electromagnetic signal, to prevent the damagement of the signal.:
Wire core material is made of tinned copper wire.:
Application: When you often use a laptop in 2 different fixed position, using this RJ45 splitter,you don&39;t have to worry about no Internet in your rooms.
Installation simple and easy to use.NOTE: When one port is connected to the network, another port device must be disconnected.
Material: ABS
Color: Black
Type: 1.Spliter cable only/2. Spliter cable and Network line(Please choose one for your need, Thank you!)
Adapter Size: 93.12.4cm/3.541.21.43in (Approx.)
Cable length: 24cm/9.45in (Approx.)
Connector on First End: 1x RJ-45 Male Network
Connector on Second End: 2x RJ-45 Female Network
Package Includes:
1 X RJ45 Plug Splitter Cable:

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1 A 2 Cabo Adaptador Extensor De Splitter Conector Rede Ethe

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