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The new edition of Clinical Ultrasound has been thoroughly revised and up-dated by a brand new editorial team in order to incorporate the latest scanning technologies and their clinical applications in both adult and paediatric patients. With over 4,000 high quality illustrations, the book covers the entire gamut of organ systems and body parts where this modality is useful. It provides the ultrasound practitioner with a comprehensive, authoritative guide to image diagnosis and interpretation. Colour is now incorporated extensively throughout this edition in order to reflect the advances in clinical Doppler, power Doppler, contrast agents. Each chapter now follows a consistent organizational structure and now contains numerous summary boxes and charts in order to make the diagnostic process practical and easy to follow. Covering all of the core knowledge, skills and experience as recommended by the Royal College of Radiologists, it provides the Fellow with a knowledge base sufficient to pass professional certification examinations and provides the practitioner with a quick reference on all currently available diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound imaging procedures. Contains over 4,000 high quality images (over 1,000 of which are in colour) to provide a comprehensive visual guide to help the practitioner identify and interpret diagnostic problems. Practical considerations such as image interpretation, image optimization techniques, pitfalls in technical acquisition and interpretation stressed throughout provide the trainee and practitioner with a new and improved knowledge in order to optimize clinical decision-making. Highlights the selection of other modalities (such as CT/MRI) whenever appropriate i.e. when there is a limited field of view or poor resolution and provides the user with a balanced perspective by referring to those occasions when ultrasound may not be the best modality to provide the best diagnostic information. Three brand new editors and many new contributing authors bring a fresh perspective on the content. Authoritative coverage of the most recent advances and latest developments in cutting edge technologies such as: colour Doppler, power Doppler, 3D and 4D applications, harmonic imaging, high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) microbubble contrast agents, interventional ultrasound , laparoscopic ultrasound brings this edition right up to date in terms of the changes in technology and the increasing capabilities/applications of ultrasound equipment. New sections on musculoskeletal imaging.

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Clinical Ultrasound 3rd Edition

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