Cinta Elástica Abdominal Masculina Made In Japão Nakayamashi

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Localizado em santo andré (são paulo)

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Cinta Elástica Abdominal Masculina Made In Japão Nakayamashi

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Product Description    Japanese(Original)
"NAKAYAMASHIKI ENNSEKIGAISENNYOUTSUIBERUTO L" using its original structure fits perfectly. By putting it on to the entire lower back, which is similar to a wide area of Far infrared ceramic Waist belt comfortably. Using light and thin mesh fabric, you can put on without worrying about appearance. Also contains 2 kinds of fruits (4), so it can be used in the proper position, and stabilizes the both sides of the lumbar spine special elastic bone firmly support, 4 hook-and-loop non-slip process.
How To Use
1 Check the front and back of the belly-warmer tie up and down before wearing.
2 Hold both sides of the abdomen and adjust the degree of Belly-warmer as you cover, remove it from The face zipper.
3 This product is not waist, please put on the pelvis.
Precautions In Use
When using this product, be sure to wear it from the upper part of underwear?
The heart disease, and those who are pregnant, please consult a doctor.
Please avoid use if you have a predisposition to allergies, rash, or tend to rash easily from sweat.
Material Information
Nylon, polyurethane, urethane foam, cotton

About washing:
30 degrees of water, hand wash with a mild detergent in a shaded area.
Tamanho L 105cm
De 80 á 100cm
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